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Request a personalised rendition of 'Happy Birthday'

Form to be completed when ordering a 'Happy Birthday' request - priced at just £5

On completion of this form you should be directed to the payment page.

(If this does not happen please visit the Store section of the website, which is found under See Us / Tickets and Merchandise)


Your recording will not be sent until you have completed the payment.


Please ensure that you give at least 14 days' notice for the recording to be sent. 



The recording will be sent to this address as soon as it is available. It is up to the requestor to ensure the recipient of the greeting receives it. NB. The recording will only be sent once payment has been received. You should be directed straight to the payment page on completion of this form, but if not, please go to the Store, which can be found under See Us / Tickets and Merchandise