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Carole Bowman

General member

General Member 
Carole is Social Team representative to Management Team. She is a member of the Social team, Presentation team & Membership Team leading on attendance recording.

Carole says: I  joined Lace City Chorus as a baritone in 2009 and currently serve on the Management Team as Social Team link & Music Administrator and Groupanizer site admin, having also served as Chorus Secretary for six years.  I am  married with two lovely daughters and now retired from Notts Healthcare where I worked as an Executive Personal Assistant.  I enjoy walking especially by the sea, with interests including aqua aerobics & trying to play the piano. Lace City Chorus membership has provided many opportunities for me to sing in harmony with confidence, make friends and find an old friend again after a 30 year gap who was already in the chorus. I love the opportunities to receive ongoing music education and to meet other women in harmony from across the world.