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Name: Penny

Age: ​​​64

What do you spend your days doing?   ​​I am retired from going into work every day now but am still a director of A W Lymn Ltd. The Family Funeral Service. I spend a lot of time at home particularly since Covid as we have a very large garden and livestock including horses, chickens, doves and peacocks.  I also volunteer for the BHS as an Access officer and raise funds for local sufferers from MS.

How long have you been a member?​​​ Almost 5 years

How did you join?  ​​I joined a “Learn to sing for Christmas” course and got hooked!

Favourite memory with Lace City Chorus?  Singing on stage at The Sage, Gateshead and then learning we had won the competition as best chorus in the UK and Netherlands in 2017.

Why do you sing? ​​I have always loved music but did not realise that I could sing until I joined Lace City.  I have had so much encouragement, learnt so many beautiful songs and met so many lovely people.​​