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Name?  Marie

Age?   58

What do you spend your days doing?  I am a part time merchandiser at Sainsbury’s.

How long have you been a member?  almost 4 years.

Why did you join? I came to the Christmas 2015 Lace City singing course and was accepted as a full member the following February.

Your favourite memory?  I don’t know how I’d choose really, but some of the afterglows* I would find difficult to ever forget!

Why do you sing? I’ve been singing 2nd Alto with Mansfield Choral Society for many years, but I’d decided I needed even more singing in my life. I discovered the complete contrast of barbershop and was hooked, finally finding my niche as a Bass singer. Singing is good for the soul, and puts you in a happy place even if you’re down.


* An afterglow is a party held following a regional or international convention - enough said!