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Ellie Blackeby appointed Interim Music Director

Ellie Blackeby appointed Interim Music Director

We’re delighted to announce that Ellie Blackeby has been appointed as interim Musical Director of Lace City Chorus. Ellie is exceptionally talented, experienced and inspirational and we’re very excited to grow under her leadership. 


Ellie has been a member of Lace City since she was 14 and has led the bass section and been assistant director for many years. She has a wealth of experience and has competed internationally with the chorus and in various quartets.


Ellie kicked off her first Zoom rehearsal last week and encouraged members to use the lockdown period to practice singing like nobody is listening. The concept of vocal freedom is something that we can easily practice while rehearing through Zoom. In true Lace City style members embraced it and joined in with a diva style sing along, singing into bananas, wooden spoons and bottles of sun cream.


Deborah Pollard, Team Coordinator at Lace City Chorus said: “Ellie has been instrumental, with other music team members, in leading us through the last few months. She has shown great initiative in networking with other chorus directors around the world and finding ways of engaging with chorus members to ensure we come out of the other side of lockdown with better skills than we came in with."

We're so happy!